Barbed wire fencing can be the ideal way to secure a property. Thousands of acres can be fenced at a more reasonable cost than other fencing options. At Purple Fencing Company, we provide barbed wire fencing in Austin, using the finest quality barbed wire fencing materials, on cedar wooden posts, or steel poles or stakes, based on what is best for the property.

Barbed Wire:
Affordable and Long-lasting

Our barbed wire fencing is often the most affordable and long-lasting option for fields, pastures, and enclosures, keeping livestock in and intruders out. For Texas ranch fencing of all types, including barbed wire, we are committed to superior customer service, fast and efficient work, and fair prices.

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The Right Barbed Wire Fence for Your Property – The Options.

A barbed wire fencing system can be installed with between three and five strands, and varying distances between posts, whether metal or wood, or can be added atop an existing fence for added security. For the largest ranch properties, you can be confident that our Austin fencing contractor is familiar with all types of terrain and braces the fencing system securely to increase the lifespan.

Cattle Fencing Systems:
Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is often the most affordable choice for large ranch properties. Whether you are considering barbed wire fencing for a large property, or to add to an existing fencing system, our fence installers are known for their professionalism, fast work, and excellent customer service.


Why Choose Purple Fencing Company?

  • We offer 100% financing options for barbed wire fencing installations in Austin
  • 5-star rated on Google and Yelp
  • Listed “Best Austin Fence Contractors 2021” by Fresh Chalk
  • Professional, on time, and responsive
  • We arrive as scheduled and work fast
  • Superior craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, and fair prices

In the words of our customers…

“Purple Fence recently installed over 500′ of barbed wire fence to secure our Georgetown site. Estimate, install, and invoicing were seamless. That is critical for us to get our job done on time and on budget so we can move on to the next one. Highly recommend you give them a call for any of your fencing needs.”

“One of the most genuine and authentic guys I know. Great new company with hard working, trustworthy guys here. I highly recommend the Purple Fencing Company, you will love the work!”

Fair Prices – It Matters

When a larger property needs to be fenced with barbed wire, price and quality of installation are the main concerns. Our team at Purple Fencing Company is committed to superior customer service and offers 100% financing for fence installations throughout Austin and the surrounding communities. We are known for our quality of work, speed of installation, and for keeping our promises regarding scheduled barbed wire fence installations in Austin and surrounding areas. Our goal is total customer satisfaction – we want to be the fence installers you can call on throughout all the years ahead for any fencing need, from installations to repairs to replacements.

Schedule An Estimate

To schedule an estimate for a barbed wire fence installation, contact us by email or phone. We respond quickly, and we will work closely with you to plan the barbed wire fencing system that will work best for your property and budget.


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