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Purple Fencing Company is a premier Austin composite fence builder that is ready to enhance your outdoor space! We are a full-service operation that can handle every fencing need. Our team of experienced builders will design a composite fence based on your property and preferences.

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Composite Fencing for Every Need

  • Establish a property boundary line
  • Secure the perimeter of a property
  • Improve home security
  • Create more privacy in your yard
  • Add an attractive element
  • Contain pets and keep animals out

Why Composite Fencing is an Austin Favorite

As fencing experts we like to educate our clients so that they make the best choice for their property. Fencing is very localized. The factors that matter the most tend to be regional, and that’s the case with composite fences.   Here are a few reasons why our clients in Austin choose composite fencing.


Composite Boards Are a Green Building Material


If there’s a green alternative, you’ll find it in Austin. We’ve been at the forefront of eco-friendliness for decades. Many of our clients appreciate that composite fencing is made of recyclable materials. Trex is a composite board manufacturer that has set an industry standard with materials that are made of at least 95% recycled components.

Another eco-friendly factor is the longevity of composite fencing in Austin. Because it lasts longer and requires less maintenance, a composite fence adds less to the construction carbon footprint and landfills over time. It’s a green fence option that you can feel good about now and well into the future.


Innovation in Outdoor Construction


Austin is an epicenter of innovation. People here are open to trying the newest technology and products that are proven to be better than conventional options. Given that composite fencing is one of the latest innovations in outdoor construction it’s no surprise we get a lot of requests to use it in Austin.

Composite boards are engineered to be more durable than wood but feel more natural than vinyl. It’s a material that’s engineered to provide the best aspects of various fencing options in one. Ultimately, advanced composite fencing is simply the best option for many Austinites.


Unique, All Around Aesthetic Austinites Appreciate


Austinites know that green doesn’t mean zero aesthetic appeal. In fact, green building materials can look even better than conventional options. Unlike other types of fencing, composite fences create aesthetic appeal all around with their interlocking board-on-board design that looks the same on both sides. You don’t have to choose between curb appeal and having the better side in your yard when you build a composite fence.

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Composite Fencing Colors

Winchester Grey


Woodland Brown

4 Practical Reasons to Use Composite Fencing in Austin

A fence is an outdoor structure that’s going to be subjected to the elements. You want to make sure that the materials you choose are made to last in the local environment. The construction techniques that are used also make a difference and should be selected based on the specifications of the exact property.

The local environment in Austin is a bit odd, which fits the city perfectly. Austin is right where two major climate zones meet, and a polar vortex can also blast freezing air down from Canada. Being in a transition zone means that Austin experiences characteristics of two major climates, and the weather can be all over the place.

The best fence in Austin is going to be one that is constructed using materials that are appropriate for the local environment. For that to be possible, the material needs to be extremely durable and versatile, which is the case with composite.

A Composite Fence Can Handle the Heat

Extreme High and Low Temps
Composite fencing can handle high and low temperatures no problem because the material expands and contracts slightly. The hot Austin summers aren’t going to cause your fence to warp or bend in the heat. They’ll keep looking just as good as if they were in your climate controlled home. Materials like Trex composite fencing even have a Class B fire rating.

Composite Fencing Can Handle the Humidity

Austin Humid Subtropical Environment
Austin may be miles inland, but it’s still a humid subtropical environment that experiences about three feet of rainfall each year. With humidity hovering around 70% on average, the moisture can shorten the longevity of some fence materials. Composite fence boards are made to handle even higher humidity without being damaged.

Composite Fencing Survives Severe Thunderstorms

Severe Texas Weather
In Central Texas severe thunderstorms are a regular thing. In 2023 alone, 263 severe thunderstorm warnings were issued. With those storms come hard rain and strong gusts of wind. A composite fence is well-suited for these frequent thunderstorms. In addition to moisture resistance, a composite fence can also withstand wind gusts up to 147 miles per hour.

Composite Fencing Can Hold Up to the Hail

A Homeowner's Nemesis
Hailstorms are one of the craziest weather conditions that’s actually common in Central Texas. It’s so common in these parts that locals call it the “hail curse”. Composite is not only less likely to suffer damage, it’s also easy to replace fence sections if hail damage does occur, saving you time and money over many years, allowing you to recoup your investment.

How Composite Fences Compare

When you have a property in Austin, TX you need a fence that can handle just about anything that Mother Nature decides to throw at it. In a single year we can have a record-breaking ice storm and record heat several months later.

How does a composite fence in Austin compare to a wood fence? Or even a vinyl fence? Take a look at the comparison below:



    25-50 years (residential)
    Sustained winds up to 130 MPH
    Gusts of wind up to 147 MPH
    Low to no maintenance beyond cleaning
    Class B fire rating



    15-20 years (residential)
    Sustained winds up to 60 MPH
    Annual staining and sealing needed



    20-30 years (residential)
    Wind load up to 100 MPH
    Low to no maintenance beyond cleaning
    900°F temperature rating


Let’s Build Your Composite Fence!


Purple Fencing Company is one of the top composite fence companies in Austin because we take the time to do the job right. We’re experts in constructing composite fences that are built to handle Central Texas weather and enhance your home.

Is composite fencing the best option for you? We can discuss all the factors that go into selecting fence boards so that you feel confident you have the best possible fence for your property.


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