Fence Repair in Austin:
Homes, Ranches, and Commercial Property

If your fencing is showing signs of age, has been damaged by weather, or sections are warped, missing, fallen or broken, our team at Purple Fencing Company can help you get your property back into shape with expert fence repair in Austin, TX. We perform all types of fence repair services for homes, ranches, commercial and public properties, and horse and cattle farms.

Types of Fence Repairs: We Do it All.

Our team of professionals can perform fence repair on any type of fencing system, including:

Residential fence repair

Ranch fence repair

Commercial fence repair

  • Chain link fence repair
  • Custom fence repair
  • Wooden fence repair
  • Wrought iron fence repair
  • Ornamental iron fence repair
  • Wood privacy fence repair

Superior Customer Service and Care.

Our approach is 100% customer-focused, and we are dedicated to ensuring total satisfaction with our workmanship. We have years of experience serving the Austin area community and are proud to considered a top fencing company in the area.

If you’re wondering about Financing or Warranty options, please reach out to us for more information.

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Our Austin Fence Repair Customer Testimonials

“These guys came out and took care of a job that another contractor had been promising to deliver on for weeks. They came to the house the next day to bid and then finished the job in 1/2 day. Great quality work and was cheaper than my original bid!”

“Purple Fence is amazing! The highest quality fence contractors I’ve ever hired. Was reasonably priced the first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect on quality, but they came through in such a fantastic way, I’ve made them my go-to fence contractor. VERY speedy service from start to finish. I highly recommend Purple Fence Company!”

The Purple Fencing Company Difference

When you hire a fence repair service, you want to be confident in the quality of work, get charged prices that are reasonable, and have fencing specialists that respect your home, your property, and your time.

At Purple Fencing Company, we have built a reputation for excellence over our years in providing deck services, gate repair and fence repair in Austin and the surrounding communities.

Our team is respectful, polite, and performs quality repairs quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to honesty, integrity, and exceptional quality of workmanship.


Customer-focused Fence Repairs in Austin

If your fencing system needs repair, you need a fence repair company that responds fast, can evaluate the damage quickly and correctly, and will schedule your repair as soon as possible.

Whether you have a broken or damaged residential, commercial, or ranch fence, we are at your service right away. Call us directly, fill in our online form, or email us and we will get back to you fast.

Broken or Damaged Fence? We Can Help.

When a fence has suffered damage due to age, weather, or an accident impacting the fence, our team at Purple Fencing Company can repair the damage swiftly and correctly. We perform quality fence repair services, and can restore your fencing system properly, for lasting results. We repair all types of fencing issues, including:

  • Wooden fencing: The heat of summer and the freezing temperatures in winter, along with rain, wind, hail, and snow can seriously damage a wooden fence of any type. Wooden fencing can suffer from rotting fence posts, warped or missing boards, and other damage that our fence repair team can fix quickly and effectively.
  • Metal fencing: A metal fence is typically very durable, but with time, or due to impact or age, may require a professional fence repair. We can address problems with metal fencing around pools, yards, walkways, homes, and commercial properties and several types of secure facilities.
  • Wrought iron fencing: When a wrought iron fencing system or gate is in poor repair, it takes a true professional to bring it back to its original beauty. Our team offers residential and commercial fence repair specifically for wrought iron fences and gates.
  • Chain link fencing: Many properties are made more secure with chain link fencing systems. Over time, these fence systems can sustain several types of damage, including falling posts, damage from animal intrusions, vines, or cuts. We repair all types of residential and commercial chain link fences.
  • Cattle panel fencing: If your cattle fence installation needs repair, due to incorrectly installed posts, posts too close, or were damaged by cattle or other animals, the damaged area can be quickly restored by our pro fencing repair team.
  • Ranch fence repairs: An older ranch fence may require repairs due to damage from weather, the passage of time, rotting fence posts, falling rails, or other issues. These problems can be repaired to bring the fence back to its original beauty and security. We repair barbed wire, mesh wire, game fencing, pipe fencing, corral fencing and all types of wooden fences.

Integrity, Honesty, and Exceptional Work: Purple Fencing Company

At Purple Fencing Company, we are proud to be known as the best fence repair company in the Austin area and beyond. Our team is respectful, polite, and delivers the highest quality work.

We believe you deserve help from a company that respects your property, your time, and is honest and reliable.

Call us to schedule an appointment, and we will arrive quickly to your property. Our prices are reasonable, and we perform superior fence repair services.

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When you need fence repair, there is no time to wait. Call us for a free, same-day inspection and our repair services scheduled fast.


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