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Our team of fencing contractors has years of experience working with fence replacements in Austin and surrounding areas. We know the area very well and ensure that your fence is exactly right for your home and in the right location on your property. When you partner with Purple Fence for your fence replacement, you are working with a local company that understands the value of your fence replacement and your Austin area property.

From the initial inspection through to your completed fence, the team at Purple Fence is here to help you every step of the way. We offer the finest quality materials, expert craftsmanship, professional installations, and the highest level of customer service. Furthermore, we aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied, and we will ensure your total happiness with your fence replacement.

How Much Will a Fence Replacement Cost?

If your fence is showing signs of damage from years of wear and tear such as discoloration, heaving and bending, holes, or visible rust, our team of fence replacement experts in Austin, TX can help. Schedule your fencing estimate with Purple Fencing Company today, and our professionals will provide you with a quote and begin replacing your fence.

Why Choose Us For Your Austin Fencing Replacement Project?
  • We offer 100% financing options for fence replacements
  • 5-star rated on Google and Yelp
  • Listed “Best Austin Fence Contractors 2021” by Fresh Chalk
  • Professional, on time, and respectful
  • Superior craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, and fair prices

In the word of our customers…

“One of the most genuine and authentic guys I know. Great new company with hard working, trustworthy guys here. I highly recommend the Purple Fencing Company, you will love the work!”

“The highest quality fence contractors I’ve ever hired. Was reasonably priced the first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect on quality, but they came through in such a fantastic way, I’ve made them my go-to fence contractor. VERY speedy service from start to finish. I highly recommend Purple Fence Company!”

About Purple Fencing Company:
Leading Fence Replacement Company

Purple Fencing Company was established to combine excellent customer service with quality craftsmanship at a fair price! We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and absolute customer satisfaction on every job. We would be honored to provide you with a quote and help you with your fencing project. Remember, we are open to providing 100% financing on your entire project! Contact us to get started on your fencing replacement in Austin today!

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Types of Fence Replacements – We Do it All.

When a fence has come to the end of its lifespan, continually needing repairs, damaged by weather, deteriorated, or looking old and unattractive, and it is beyond needing a simple fence repair, a fence replacement is typically the best approach, as a newly installed fence will last for many years. At Purple Fencing Company, we replace all types of fencing, including:

  • Wood fencing: We install all types of wood fencing, including wood privacy fences, picket fences, post and rail fences, lattice designs, vertical wood fences, and custom designs.
  • Metal fencing: Metal fencing can dramatically improve a property, with several types available for homes and ranches. The types of metal fencing materials available include aluminum, solid steel, pickets, chain link fences, wrought iron, and barbed wire.
  • Wrought Iron fencing: Iron fencing is beautiful, very durable, and can last centuries if properly maintained. These fencing materials are available in a range of styles, including pickets, fleur-de-lis, ornamental custom designs, and are often the ideal choice for gates and handrails.
  • Chain link fencing: Protect the security of your property with a chain link fence, often the ideal choice for either residential or commercial buildings. Chain link privacy fences for homes, or chain link fence installations for schools, other public buildings, and commercial facilities are an important safety and security feature.
  • Cattle paneling: Cattle panel fencing helps you keep your herd secure, and acts as a barrier to keep out animals and people who may enter your property.
  • Horse fencing: Horse fencing systems come in a wide array of designs, from practical to exceptionally beautiful. At Purple Fencing Company we install a range of horse fences, including wood fencing, pipe fencing, barbed wire, mesh fencing, woven field fencing, V-mesh, and electric fences.
  • Ranch fencing: For ranches in the Austin region, various ranch fence options can be installed to replace an older, failing fence. The options include barbed wire, mesh wire, field fencing (game or deer fencing), or pipe fencing for corrals, and can be customized to match the requirements of a specific area.
  • Barbed wire fencing: If a barbed wire fence needs to be replaced, our team at Purple Fencing Company is efficient, fast, and delivers top quality work for barbed wire fence replacements.
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