Some commercial properties require a great deal of security. The property may contain chemicals or other conditions that are harmful to others. In other cases, there may be valuable materials on the premises that the property owner wants to ensure are protected. Regardless of the reason, commercial property owners often seek out security fences to protect their property and themselves. 

High-security fencing can be helpful to businesses and private residence owners in various ways. The team at Purple Fence has years of experience installing security fencing in Austin and surrounding areas, and can help you determine what the best fencing option is for you. 

The different types of security fencing

While some fences come with built-in security features, most fences do not. Security fencing systems are essentially standard fences that come with add-ons to provide increased safety for the residence. 

There are three main types of security fences that property owners can choose from:

  • Barbed wire
  • Access control systems
  • Electrical current

These fences can be employed in various types of properties, such as factories, industrial plants, prison facilities, zoos, and parks. Many government facilities also require high-security fencing systems, and Purple Fence is proud to offer security fencing installation in Austin and the surrounding areas.

In various industries, commercial properties are required by law to have a fence surrounding the perimeter. Business owners can protect their properties and comply with the law by having a security fence installed on their property. 

Electric fence systems

At Purple Fence, we offer electric fencing to our clients who require a higher level of security for their property. Electric fences work by emitting pulses when the system’s electrical wire is tripped, affecting anyone who comes into contact with it while touching the ground. We offer stand-alone, non-lethal electric fencing systems that are guaranteed to prevent trespassers from entering the premises. These fencing systems can also connect to other systems, such as alarms, arming and disarming systems, monitoring systems, etc. 


At Purple Fence, we provide our clients with the latest security fencing systems to ensure that their property and well-being are protected at all times. We offer gate operators from HySecurity for property owners who are looking for an extra level of security for their property. 

HySecurity is highly revered for their state-of-the-art gate products which can be employed in various settings. HySecurity has been the premier manufacturer of high-security gate operators for over 50 years. Their products are so coveted that they have even been used in locations requiring high-security clearance, including the United Nations, Fort Knox, and several federal government buildings. While their gate operators are primarily geared toward use in correctional facilities, they can be used in various environments. 

Property owners who choose HySecurity have various gate operators to choose from, which can work for:

  • Sliding gates
  • Swinging gates
  • Lifting gates
  • Hydraulic arm gates

What makes HySecurity special and different from other gate operators is their longevity. They are designed for long-term use, meaning that property owners can go a long time without needing repairs. Beyond that, all of their products are rigorously tested to ensure top quality and consistent performance. HySecurity’s gate operators are known for being both reliable and cost-effective. 

Why choose Purple Fence?

The team at Purple Fence Company understands the concerns that come with owning real estate. We do our best to inform clients of all of their options so that they get the right installations for them. Before every security fence installation, we perform a thorough assessment and inspection of the property to guarantee that the right fencing system is put in place. Following this procedure ensures that the client is content with their fencing system, bringing them years of peace of mind. 

Our installations are fast and efficient, and we provide various types of fencing systems. Those who choose Purple Fence enjoy professional security fencing installation in Austin from a friendly and experienced team.