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Purple Fencing Company, a top-rated fencing company in Austin, was created with the goal of combining excellent customer service with quality craftsmanship at a fair price. We pride ourselves on standing above the competition by walking you through each step of the process in your fence build. Our team respects your time, property and vision for your fence.

We promise you’ll get a finished product that you love coming home to every day!

The Only Fence Company You’ll Ever Need

Our fencing company is the complete package. If it’s a fence installation, then our team can get it done. It doesn’t matter what materials are used, how big the fence needs to be or whether we’re containing livestock. From a new fence in an upscale residential neighborhood to repair work on a horse fence on the outskirts of the county, we are a start to finish service provider.

From the initial estimate until the last board is installed on the fence, Purple Fencing Company communicates with our customers so there is never any doubt about what to expect and all your fencing needs are met.

Happy Customers All Over Austin

Want a vinyl fence in south Austin? How about a wood fence in the Hill Country? Or maybe a chain link fence on the east side? Wherever you are in the metro, Purple Fencing Company is just a call away!

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Ready to learn more about starting a fence installation? Contact us to tell us more about your fence project!

Why We’re One of the Best Fencing Contractors in Central Texas

Gaining a reputation for honest dealings and high-quality craftsmanship takes work. You have to prove yourself over and over again until it’s known that is how your business operates on a regular basis.

Purple Fencing Company has earned a reputation for being one of the best fencing companies in the entire Austin metro. There are a lot of talented fencing contractors in the area, which makes us even more proud to be considered one of the best.

Why do customers decide to use Purple Fencing Company instead of other fence companies? Turns out there are a lot of reasons!

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We’re Local Fence Installers With Experience

Nothing beats experience when you’re working out in the elements on a backyard fence. The Austin area is unique in that there are flat areas with clay soil as well as properties with craggy limestone cliff sides just miles away. And the weather can swing from freezing to scorching within a few months. Local fence installers with experience understand how all of this needs to be factored into the construction of a new fence so it lasts as long as possible.

We Work With a Huge Selection of Fence Materials

Some fence installation companies only work with select materials that are their specialty, or they might get incentives for using a certain brand. This can limit your options in the construction of a fence, or worse, you may get sold on a material that isn’t ideal.

When you work with a fence company like us that’s not an issue. We work with a wide array of materials and can provide unbiased feedback on which one will suit your needs best. Our team can build with anything from chain link fencing to an exotic hardwood. The choice is up to you!

We Understand Security and Curb Appeal

A fence serves numerous purposes. Two of the primary objectives for us are to enhance the security and appearance of a residential property. We’ll design an attractive fence that also improves security, making the entire space feel more comfortable. Better protection means you can rest easier whether you’re enjoying your yard or relaxing inside.

We Offer Foam Post-Setting at Fair Prices

We use an alternative industrial foam setting process to improve the final product and fence prices. The industrial foam post-setting process allows us to pass along our low prices to you the customer! It’s just one more way Purple Fencing Company delivers excellent prices and quality work to every fencing project.

We Provide an Accurate Estimate Every Time

Something that many homeowners don’t think to prioritize is the accuracy of the estimate for their fence installation. Free estimates are great – if they’re accurate. You may receive a low estimate from a fencing company only for the price to grow as the project progresses.

Many of our happy customers have noted that we provided a highly accurate estimate. They got what was promised for the price promised. That’s how Purple Fencing Company does free estimates!

We’ll Help Finance Your Fence Project

Looking for a way to pay for a vinyl fence without saving the entire upfront cost? Want to get a chain link fence without draining your savings? We would love to help get your project off the ground by providing assistance however we can! You can get your entire project 100% financed! Give our team a call to learn more about fence installation financing options.


Each and every member of the Purple Fencing Company team prides themselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence on every single fence project. We’re true professional fence contractors that keep your best interest in mind.

We are passionate about our craft and helping our clients achieve their unique vision. It all starts with the first conversation. We can answer your questions about project costs, ways that fencing can secure your property and what to expect at each stage. If you like what you hear we can schedule a time to do an on-site evaluation for an accurate estimate.

If you are looking for a reliable fence company to work with on your next project, look no further than Purple Fencing Company!

Thinking about Financing? Talk to us to see your options.

We aim to bring your vision to life with a premium fence that enhances your property’s elegance. If you own a home or business in the Austin, Texas area, please call to speak with an expert fence contractor who can assist with your next fence installation, repair, or replacement project. We’ll provide a personalized quote and can even help you secure financing to ensure a seamless experience.


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