Commercial Fencing in Austin

All businesses want to ensure that their premises are as secure as possible. The safety of both employees and patrons is a major priority for all business owners. Installing high-quality efficient fencing is the best way to achieve this security and peace of mind.

Types of Commercial Fencing

There are various types of businesses that require fence systems around their premises, and there are different types of fences that can meet their needs. Everything from schools and apartment buildings to factories and government buildings require fencing around their perimeters to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the property and threatening the safety of the individuals inside. Having a good understanding of the different fences that are available gives business owners a better idea of what options are best for them.

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood fences are a great way to guarantee a property’s privacy and security. There are various designs available, including horizontal wood, solid wood pickets, shadowbox fences, etc. These fences can be made from multiple types of wood, such as cedar, treated pine, cypress, redwood, and composite wood. While many people may associate wood fences with residential areas, they are a popular choice for schoolyards and outdoor businesses.

Cattle Panel Fencing

As the name suggests, these fencing systems are designed to keep cattle and property safe and prevent breaches. They are also a great deterrent to wild animals or unwanted trespassers who may want to get access to the animals on the property.

Horse and Ranch Fencing

These fences include various systems, such as post and rail, split rail, and steel pipe fencing to protect ranching properties in the greater Austin area and beyond. We have years of experience carrying out these installations and can get the job done in minimal time to keep clients in business.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing

The most common fencing system that people think of when they hear the term ‘commercial fencing’ is the ever-popular chain link fence. These fences are typically made of galvanized steel wire which is weaved into a tight, distinct diamond pattern. Various facilities, including storage units, children’s playing areas, gardens, sports courts, parks, and baseball fields rely on chain-linked fences to provide security and peace of mind to patrons. Purple Fencing Company is renowned for its quick and efficient chain-linked fence installations.

Barbed Wire Fencing

The ultimate fence for safety and security is none other than the age-old barbed wire fence. Originally invented by an Illinois farmer in the 19th century, these fences have a long track record of incredible longevity, lasting anywhere from 25 to 50 years, on average. Like other types of fences, they can be customized in terms of height and material used, making them a fantastic option for warehouses and other commercial facilities.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron is a unique type of iron that is both long-lasting and aesthetically appealing. Metal and wrought iron are considered to be the best materials for use in fencing systems, making them a top choice for fencing around a home, pool, or backyard. Revered for their durability, they also come with the benefit of leaving no spaces. They effectively enclose the entire perimeter of a property with ease. These qualities have made wrought iron fences some of the most sought-after fencing systems today. Homes that have them are said to have an increased property value.

Why choose Purple Fence?

At Purple Fence Company, we understand the uncertainty proprietors can feel when looking into fencing options. Our business is dedicated to informing clients of their options so that they can choose what’s best for them. We carry out thorough inspections and assessments of the client’s property, taking all aspects into account before making a recommendation. Taking this route ensures that the client gets the right fencing system for their premises, leaving them feeling positive about their investment. 

We specialize in all types of fencing and carry out installations in a competitively fast and efficient manner. Whether it’s a chain-linked fence, a barbed wire fence, a wrought iron fence, or a wood fence, we know the ins and outs of them all. Clients can rest assured that when they work with Purple Fence they are getting some of the best fencing services Texas has to offer. 

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Fence Installation

Fences provide properties with a huge boost in both security and aesthetic appeal. 

The installation process for fences in the greater Austin area varies depending on certain factors, such as the materials used and the size of the property. Bigger properties require more labor and a higher volume of materials. 

In order to determine how long the installation will take and how much it will cost, reach out to our office to schedule a consultation.

Fence Repair

Over time, fences succumb to factors such as weather and begin to show signs of wear and tear. Rusted and warped fences start to fall apart, compromising the security of the property they were designed to enclose. Naturally, proprietors want to address the issue right away. 

As with installations, the price of repairs will depend on the extent of work needed and the cost of materials. Whether the issue is rotten fence posts (wood fences), damage from animals, cuts, falling rails, or anything else, the team at Purple Fence can help. Call us today to set up an inspection.