Pflugerville Fence Installation Specialists

Purple Fencing Company provides Pflugerville fence installation services to residents and business owners located in and around the Pflugerville, TX area. Here at Purple Fencing Co., our fencing contractors have years of dedicated experience in the industry. If you need a privacy fence installed or replaced in your backyard or around the perimeter of your property, our team has you covered! We provide the following:

  • Fence Installation
  • Deck Installation
  • Patio Installation

Our Pflugerville fencing specialists are dedicated to helping you throughout the entire installation process – from start to finish! If you have questions, we can help you choose the proper fence for your needs.

Pflugerville Fence and Deck Installation

We are the Pflugerville fence and deck experts! In addition to your wood fencing installation, we can also provide decking services. Here at Purple Fencing Company, we use the best decking brands and materials available on the market. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, reliable customer service, and fast turnaround times. If you have a dream deck, our contractors can make it happen! We have the knowledge and experience required to make your deck look aesthetically appealing.

Fence Companies Pflugerville, TX

We are among the most reliable fencing companies in the Pflugerville, TX area. Our Pflugerville fence installation experts particularly emphasize wooden privacy fences and gates. We provide fence installations at reasonable prices that match your budget and needs, all while looking stunning! Learn more about the cost to build a fence here.

Pflugerville Fence Installation Quote

Need a quote? Contact our Pflugerville fence installation experts at (512) 955-5360 to get started on your wood privacy fence, lattice fence, picket fence, or any other wood fence style. Our experts will be happy to serve you.

Wood Vertical Board Fence

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences, or vertical board fences, are designed with overlapped or edge-to-edge vertical boards to ensure maximum privacy. Our contractors install wood privacy fences to help protect from wind, or to cut down on sound from neighbors or traffic.

Wood Picket Fence

Wood Picket Fences

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, picket fences are your #1 choice. This fence type provides beauty for the perimeter of your front yard, garden, or pool enclosure area. Our contractors usually install a wood picket fence anywhere from three to four feet high.

Wood Post and Rail Fence

Post and Rail Fences

Wood post and rail fences are relatively inexpensive. Our contractors typically install wood post and rail fence types to serve as boundaries or for enclosing fields. It’s a great choice for the countryside and for enclosing livestock.

Wood Lattice Fence

Lattice Fences

Lattice fences provides aesthetic appeal, but also practically serves as a way to allow climbing plants to grow. This fence style is a great choice for gardens, patios, decks, and pool areas. The crisscrossing wood style of a lattice fence allows for sunlight to shine through and for plants to thrive.

Wood Louver Fence

Louver Fences

The wood louver fence provides both privacy and aesthetic appeal, yet allowing for airflow. When viewed straight on, this fence provides full privacy, however one can see through when viewed on an angle. Wood louver fences are great for pool areas, decks, parking pads, and patios.

About Purple Fencing Co.

Based in Pflugerville, TX, we created Purple Fencing Co. to meet the fencing needs of our clients. We combine superior customer service with quality craftsmanship and give you a fair price on your wood fence installation.

Our fencing contractors pride themselves on absolute excellence with each fencing project. We always show up in a timely fashion, answer any questions you may have, and deliver a quality finished product. When it comes to Austin fence installation, Purple Fencing Co. is here to serve you.